Monday, 11 March 2013

Found texts

Loads of random, found texts from various places. The first two are a menu from a restaurant called Zizis, in Exeter. The thing that appealed to me was the colour variation for each different wine selection; white, red and rosé.
The next framed text was an Internet find which stood out because of the simple style.
The fourth image is an album cover, new out by an artist called Bastille, I like the letter 'A', it's very similar to that of my own and I like how perfectly aligned it is, the point size is the same so each letter is exactly the same too.
Next is another Internet find before the next two images which I discovered on a site called Pinterest, an image upload site that allows you to upload your own work and repin work of others. I like how minimal the salt and pepper packs are, all hand made and have the easiest template in the world, but they are so successful!
The last image is a greetings card from Paperchase, simple hand rendered text with a basic background. I love the simplistic idea!

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