Monday, 1 April 2013

Aubery Beardsley

 After looking through only a few of Aubery Beardsley's art works I realised that everything is framed. Almost every image has a frame around it, weather it be intricate like this first piece or as simple as a single line, like the image below.
The backgrounds are very unique. The final image has a very unrealistic background, it portrays the era in which it was produced, very well. There is a lot of religion in the designs, each picture brings a very different but still very strong, emotion. I'm particularly drawn to the second piece of work I found, The background is built from lines drawn horizontally across the page. All the more detailed work seems to have a vertical stand and all simpler designs are the opposite. It's such an out of the ordinary idea, so simple and strong.


 These are all very different pieces by the same artist; McBess. Focusing mostly on the backgrounds by these black and white artists, is helping me bring my work together. McBess has used a number of styles, fading imagery on this top piece. The character is obviously in such a dark room that the edges of the illustration have been faded, the various tones have been used to produce this but it is mostly black and white.
The HaHard work piece just ends. The picture doesn't fade out, nor does it have a real background but it is sat comfortably inside the space given.
 The final image has a complete full page image. The background is built up with the simplest of lines and basic shading. The illustration has been designed to be larger and fill more space, leaving less to fill in the background.

Black and White illustration

As per usual I've hit a blank spot. I'm struggling with the layout of my designs but  I'm not gonna let it get me this time! The zine must be in B&W so my intentions are to look at black and white illustrations.  Some artist such as Aubrey Beardsley work entirely in black and white. Artist such as Mcbess use more of a grey scale palette; black and white dominates but there are other shades.
I have already begun research into previous zine work, the most appealing to me was a girl called Lize Meddings, she too produced a sketch show style zone. Minimal text and simple imagery.
Here are a few photos I took of her work. This is the pattern work on the inside of the zine, it occurs on both the back and front. It appeals strongly to me and I wish to use this technique in my own work with some of my character design.
The next three images are just some ways of how the pages have been laid out. single pages, with and without boarders, double page spreads and various combinations. Its nice to have a look at a previous design because it opens your mind to what needs to be considered a lot more.