Sunday, 26 May 2013

Design to Sell development

After redrawing the text for this project several times, I finally got some good results. In previous projects I have been downgraded for using various pen sizes throughout the production of my text... not this time! Strictly size 0.1! I edited very little on both of these pieces. I removed the tacky backgrounds in photoshop and added the white and cream ones digitally, changed the contrast slightly so they were bolder but not so that I took any of the hand drawn feel away. I also cropped cloud shapes out of a pair of jeans I scanned in. fabulous.
I'm pretty impressed with the outcomes, although I have used clouds and rain, I tried to avoid using it so much. I often use them in  my work and I was worried it was becoming a bit 'samey' so I invented and incorporated a crazy wrinkle bush in with the prune text!
Ideally I want the prune text to be a humorous greetings card design and the foghorn text, along with another one yet to be completed, to be notebook designs.
As for the song writer information, I'm going to have it printed onto the back of the cards and notebooks so I don't get done for copywrite!
P.S. These songs lyrics are written by Lonnie Donegan and Frank Crumit.

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