Thursday, 21 February 2013

Linea Carta
Linea Carta is the company, Diva Pyari is the artist. 'Diva Pyari grew up in the fashion industry in California, later living in the north of Italy, and all along practicing new forms of craft (painting, printing, jewelry-making, clothing design, graphic design, calligraphy..). So, when in 2007 she designed her first collection of paper goods, it made perfect sense to call it LINEA CARTA'
She uses a calligraphic style, but a very self taught one. It's totally unique to herself and I'm really drawn to it. She uses dip pens and vintage nibs like Nikko or Railroad 550.
Pyari is known for screen printing too, which she does totally alone and on almost everything.
I think what I like mostly is that she's applied her work to linen coasters and made calendars, a little different to the normal greeting cards route.
Diva Pyari obviously works for Linea Carta who gets her work in the press quite a lot!
Some of her work can be seen in magazines like.
- Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2010
- InStyle, September 2009
- Design Sponge, May 2009
- The Bride and Bloom, Fall 2008
- Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2007
And loads more, all can be seen on her website.

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