Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Project Ideas


- Tiger Print, previously I have submitted work for Tiger Print and this is their most recent competition, closing on March 10th. A chance to do more greetings cards or possibly even; wedding invitations or engagement party, anonymous love letters ect, anything that represents 'that special someone'. This brief is called 'Lovely Days'.

- Design Against Fur, this competition is one I've just always wanted to enter, designs can be T-shirt designs, posters ect. I see myself producing work like Gabriel Moreno, with strong emphasis on the text, perhaps used as tattoos like his work. Entry must be by 19th April and work submissions by 26th.

- Book covers, like Macmillan, Peguin and Puffin. Thinking along the lines of the layout, it suits my work but the book theme may not so much.


- Pylon Press and other small zines. Pylon Press has a very loose brief, the only real rules are about the size, colour and production of the booklet. This is more along the lines of what I see my work as, small books of texts and simple imagery.

- Design to Sell; this is probably my number one choice so far.I could go down the zine route (Pylon Press) if I wanted but there are loads of other ideas to consider; greetings cards, invitations, notebooks (or zines), tags and stickers.

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