Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sandra Dieckmann

Sandra Dieckmann is a 1st class honours with distinction graduate of Graphic Imformation Design, from the University of Westminster London. Some of her client include;
● Random House Publishing
● Urban Outfitters
● Utne Reader
● Area Designed Environments
● House of Wolf (Venue // Islington, London)
● Ohh Deer
And a lot, lot more which can be found on her website. I've chosen just a few pieces of her work which stand out to me, here. I love her intricate line work, which gets encouraged into all of her work. As an artist who uses a similar line work style, I can really appreciate the time and effort this takes. Eye strain and hand cramp galore!
Dieckmann not only appeals to me for that reason, but also because of these little hand made cards she produces. My last project had me making greetings cards too and in fact I really loved the project and got on well with it, to the point of it becoming a career option!
I love her use of block colour as graphic devices in her work, such as the wolf's body being an orange circle. She may not be a typographer but she does have a hand for type knows how to lay it out.
I struggle to bring images to an end but Sandra Diekmann really shows off her distinction pass with her overall layouts and completion. The lion image at the bottom of the page is such a clever idea, an amazing and unique way to finish an image. She really has an abstract style, unique to her, right down to her colour palette.
Dieckmann has a lot of clients which are possibly out of reach for a designer, such as myself, still in study, at this point. But she has, like other designers, worked her way up the scale and I don't see it as anything totally impossible to achieve in the future. I'd like to see myself heading in a similar direction to Dieckmann, after my course.

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