Monday, 25 February 2013

Reply from Eduardo Recife

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'On 22/02/13 07:23, Tess Palmer wrote:
I'm currently finishing my degree in Illustration and Print, in Plymouth, England at The Plymouth College of Art.
With my major study I have to put forward some of my favourite artists works, explain why ect.
I wanted to go that step further and just ask you a little about your work, because I've favoured it for a while now, if that’s OK of course?

How did you get yourself recognised initially by clients?
What is your inspiration for your typography?

I render my own typography and have said, since day one, that you are my biggest influence. Answering these questions would really help me in the production of my work, plus I'd be super grateful!
         Thank you very much,
Reply from Eduardo Recife;

How are you?
thanks for your email! here goes the answers to your questions:

1)How did you get yourself recognized initially by clients?
When I first started there wasn't as many design/type websites out there, so
lots of people got to know my work back then, and I contributed to several digital
magazines, printed magazines, books and projects around the globe, which
probably gave some sort of exposure to my work. But I believe that my main focus
have always been improving my work rather than promoting it. Both things are
important, but I believe the focusing on strengthening  ones work is more important
and it will naturally attract  clients.

2)What is your inspiration for your typography?
I was strongly influences by the whole grunge movement on the 90's, with
david carson, ed fella and several others who were working  on what was called
grunge typography back then. Im also very inspired by vernacular and vintage 

Hope this helps!
All the best,

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